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Our Team

Meet our Team

We understand ourselves and work together as a singular large team. It comprises about 20 colleagues, many of them engineers, several technicians and mechanics as well as chemists. We are organized into eight sub-teams led by the respective team leads:

Executive board

Dr.-Ing. Martin Reißig


Martin studied mechanical engineering at University of Rostock and started his professional career at FVTR. He switched from a team lead position to CEO in 2016. Analytical skills and persistence in finding solutions for any given issue make him the perfect reference and discussion partner for our customers.

Scientific Staff

Dr.-Ing. Martin Theile

Team Lead Applied Thermodynamics

Martin is a University of Rostock graduate and wrote his doctorate thesis about the simulation of cyclic variations of SI engine processes. He is most comfortable using numerical tools to solve any kind of thermofluiddynamic issues and as thus is responsible for the Applied Thermodynamics team.

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Pinkert

Team Lead Fuel Injection Analysis

Fabian is our expert for injection systems and optical measurement methods. He graduated at the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg and received his doctorate for designing our large engine spray chamber and analyzing the influence of nozzle hole geometries on spray break-up. He is one of our most creative heads and likes to face the challenges of custom optical measurement systems.

M.Sc. Conrad Gierow

Team Lead Energy System Simulation

Conrad is the head of our Energy Systems Simulation team. Contrary to most of the rest of our engineers he specialized in propulsion technology and system dynamics. This and his affinity to coding makes him adept at modeling and simulating large scale energy systems like power plants and ship energy supply systems. When he is not busy modeling he spends his time biking or camping, preferably both combined.

Dr. rer. nat. Ulrike Schümann

Team Lead Fuels and Lubricants Research

Ulrike is our leading chemist. She studied chemistry in Greifswald and did her doctorate about analytic methods with regard to environmental chemistry. Since 1999 she is working at the fuel and lubricants laboratory at the Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines of University of Rostock and supports us with her expertise since the very beginning of 2007. What colleagues and customers alike appreciate with Ulrike is her very thorough attitude to her work and her readiness to help.

Martin Drescher

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Drescher

Team Lead Experimental Engine Research

Martin is our organizational talent when it comes to test beds and engines - the larger the better. He graduated at University of Rostock and specialized in research single cylinder engines and all the tiny bits of infrastructure you need to operate them in a scientific background. Martin loves kiting as much as he loves engines, so he is not unhappy to have a working place in beach proximity.

Dr.-Ing. Javid Safarov

Team Lead Thermophysical Properties

Javid is our long time expert for anything related to measuring and modeling thermophysical properties of liquids and vapors. This ranges from seawater of the Mariana Trench to diesel fuel at pressures up to 4'000 bar and does not stop at ionic liquids. Javid has a seemingly unlimited diligence and patience with his measuring instruments and is not happy with anything less than highest precision.

Dr.-Ing. Robert Bank

Team Lead Exhaust Gas Treatment

Roberts expertise lies in the field of exhaust gas treatment systems and processes. He graduated at University of Rostock, his PhD thesis is about the chemistry inside SCR catalysts. Ask him about Langmuir-Hinshelwood and Knudsen effects and he will take you through the extraordinary world of modern exhaust treatment systems.

Dorian Holtz

Dr.-Ing. Dorian Holtz

Team Lead Advanced Particle Simulation

Dorians dedication and perseverance are the key for his specialization in the simulation of particle laden flows and chemistry, something the rest of us is keen to avoid. Even the combination with 3D CFD does not stop him from developing his own models. After long hours of coding he is happy to indulge in sports others are also keen to avoid, such as kickboxing.